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Now focused on eco-tourism, the family behind Tapnell Farm have transformed the estate into a popular destination spot with attractions, luxury eco lodges, and restaurant, attracting tourists from all over the U.K. and Europe.

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Matt, Tapnell Farm
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Riddled with constant customer queries for broken charging points and usage instructions, Tapnell Farm sought to make the switch from their free vend charging solution to one that requires customer payments but also offers unrivalled driver support.

Increased Bookings


With our trusted authorised installer on the Isle of Wight, we replaced their existing free vend charging points which alleviated financial burden and freed up time from FOH staff who were previously dealing with driver enquiries. Ultimately, the minor investment resulted in recurring returns.

"Great system, hassle free charging for our customers and our company. The system is really easy for customers to use and provides a much needed service with the increased volume of electric cars, as well as providing a great income stream for the business. The customer service is great and we are now in the process of adding an additional 8 charge points around the site!"
Matt, Tapnell Farm
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