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How can your business become more sustainable?

Why does going green matter for your business? Interested but not sure what the first steps you can take are? Read more to find out.
Updated on
April 5, 2023

The challenges our globe is facing

While sustainability is a multi-faceted concept that involves balancing the social, economic and environmental benefits of a society, climate change is one of the largest and most consequential challenges that the globe currently faces. It is a result of global warming, which is caused by the atmospheric greenhouse effect, where large amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG) are trapped in the atmosphere.

UK Pollution - EV Charging
It puts many vulnerable citizens at risk, particularly those with respiratory diseases. It is the cause of adverse climate conditions, such as acid rain, flooding, or extreme heat. This affects many communities, severely, especially in underdeveloped nations. It threatens the resource security of nations and further increases geopolitical tensions.

Why go green?

Making your business more environmentally friendly bring various advantages, to your customers, your community and your business.

How can you go Green?

With that in mind, we have compiled a plethora of specific solutions for helping your business achieve environmental sustainability. Here are some ways you can, as an individual go green, too.

Carbon offsetting: one of many

And if low emission mitigation strategies are not financially or physically viable solutions for your business, there are still numerous methods to contribute to a greener planet.

One method is known as "carbon offsetting", where businesses reduce their net emissions by compensation. Typically, this is achieved by investing in afforestation, mangrove tree planting, or methane gas and carbon capture projects. Participating in these projects would improve your business' social responsibility image, while not disturbing the original operations of your business

To sum up

Environmental sustainability is one of the largest global challenges in the 21st century, and different stakeholders have to play a role in tackling climate change. While many of these solutions are relatively novel in the consumer market, businesses can take this opportunity to make the Earth greener, not to mention the potential business opportunities upon going green.

Here at Voltshare, we are enthusiastic of achieving a more sustainable lifestyle. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EV), we have an ambitious mission to build an EV charger network across our network, so as to make the transition to EVs easier. Our aim is to create a network that brings businesses and consumers together, and bring positive impact to individuals, businesses and communities.

Join us on our journey to make the world greener.

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