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The Most EV friendly location in the UK

Find out where in the U.K. is the most convenient to own and drive an EV.
Updated on
April 8, 2024

A key aspect of owning an electric vehicle (EV) is charging convenience: where and how easily can you find a charge point for your EV? For homeowners with off-street parking, installing a charge point will be relatively easy (and if you decide to own a VoltShare smart charger, you may earn up to £2000 by sharing your charger on VoltShare’s proprietary network).

For those without, there is a reliance on publicly available chargers.

Where is the most convenient for Electric Vehicles?

Based on latest available data, East, South-East of England, West Midlands, and London have the highest concentration of EVs and EV chargers.

While it is no doubt that with more EV chargers and more developed the infrastructure is, the more convenient it is for drivers. But perhaps more crucially, the proportion of EVs to EV chargers has to be considered as it dictates how crowded the infrastructure will be.

This becomes even more important if the uptake of EV drivers outpace that of charging infrastructure development.

The North East, North West, South West of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, East Midlands, Yorkshire, and London have reasonably low number of EVs to EV chargers (fewer than 9 EVs per charger). While West Midlands seem to be the most crowded at more than 13 EVs per charger.

What does the future hold?

The uptake of EV as a primary means of transportation is soon to be a reality within the next decade, especially with Government’s Net Zero 2050 plans.

The question we should be asking is: will public EV infrastructure match the potential number of EVs? Studies have also shown that drivers find home charging more convenient than public charging.

At VoltShare, we believe in the democratisation of EV charging leading to more affordable, more accessible EV ownership; especially with the recent significant economic changes we have witnessed. With our combined innovative EV charging hardware and proprietary network solution, EV drivers will be able to travel to all areas of the U.K. with ease as well as support the wider community.

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