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What is sustainability?

What does it mean and how can you take the first step into a sustainable lifestyle.
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April 5, 2023

Definition of 'Sustainability'

According to the UN Commission on Environment and Development, sustainability is defined by practices that:

meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Achieving sustainability requires a systematic approach to interconnected issues, including a community’s environmental health, social equity, and economic vitality. Perspectives on sustainability change over time, due to changes in consumption patterns, varying demands from the global population, and the perceived environmental degradation.

Are we going in the right direction?

Have a look at the continuously backward-shifting Earth Overshoot day:

At this rate of consumption, experts predict that our Earth can potentially deplete of all its resources by 2050. Therefore, our current consumption model is not sustainable for our future, and there is a need to reduce our consumption or even replenish our resources.

Since societies in the past century have long prioritised economic development while over-exploiting resources at an unsustainable rate, the focus of sustainability now lies upon using finite resources wisely, with a view of long term consequences. This is a controversial topic, as certain resources that we rely on, like fossil fuels, are non- renewable. Yet, these are resources currently required for key industries of our nation, such as automobiles, transport or energy generation; it is also important to point out the importance of these resources in lifting underdeveloped nations out of poverty.

What can you do?

When abstracted to a personal level, sustainable living is a new lifestyle in which individuals make changes to reduce environmental degradation.

All in all, while the aim of achieving an “environmental equilibrium” and zero carbon footprint is not strictly achievable, sustainable living is most importantly the spirit of achieving it to its fullest.

Just to sum things up

Achieving sustainability is a complex task that requires collaborative efforts from governments and corporations across the world, and most importantly, you. Failure to address these would lead to pollution, resource depletion or other forms of environmental degradation, and further accelerate geopolitical tensions that affect the livelihood of citizens, particularly in underdeveloped nations.

Here at VoltShare, we are enthusiastic of achieving a more sustainable lifestyle as well. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EV), we have an ambitious mission to build an EV charger network across our network that is powered by the community.

Join us on our journey to make our world greener, and read on!

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