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Why did we create VoltShare?

Our mission is simple: to help communities in the UK adopt clean transport for cleaner skies and healthier lives.
Updated on
April 5, 2023

The 'Why'

VoltShare was established in 2019 with one mission in mind: help communities in the UK adopt clean transport through means of education, breaking down barriers to accessibility, and establishing the U.K.'s first community powered charging network.

Massive Lack

The idea came to Sheng Liu, our CEO and Co-founder who loves travelling with his trusty BMW i3. Unfortunately, he found that there was (and still is!) a massive lack of charging points in the U.K., especially in remote locations. That meant that driving an electric car to far flung places needed much more planning and hassle. This is especially true with lower range cars.

Community Sharing

Much like the famed apple dropping on Newton's head, Sheng was jolted with an idea while driving through neighbourhood: why can't we tap into the large number of idle charging points that exist now (and in the future)? This gave birth to the idea of community sharing.

VoltShare EV Charging Network

The 'What'

It is truly a simple idea: to allow homeowners with charging points to share out their unused, idle charging points for anyone to use. Not only do homeowners get paid for renting it out but electric car drivers have access to a greater number of charging points around the U.K.--a true 'win-win' situation.

Community sharing: the 'How'

Through years of research and development and testing, we have an elegant, simple, and secure solution. It uses the power of community sharing, making thousands of domestic EV chargers available to the public.

Our solution integrates hardware (the charging point) and software (the mobile app) in a ridiculously seamless (but sophisticated) way. Unlike many other mobile SaaS solutions that are largely manual and do not communicate directly with the hardware, drivers will only be charged for exactly the amount of electricity and time they have spent.

A Cloud System

We can do this only because we have developed a cloud system that allows the charging point to relay ongoing information and usage to our encrypted servers. Our mobile app then talks directly with that system to observe charging statuses, authorise payments, or even to see what charging points are available to use.

More Secure & Fair

Because our solution knows exactly who is or has used your charging point and for how long, we have a highly secure ecosystem that is fairer to both drivers and owners.

Owners can rent their charging point out knowing with complete peace of mind that no one would be able to use their charging point without permission. Owners would not need to be present during the charging session to ensure fair use by the driver, giving everyone greater flexibility and security.

Who is it for?

Our solution is currently integrated for VoltShare charging points. That means if you want to monetise your charging point by sharing it, you will need a VoltShare charging point. However, we are expanding this to other brands.

It is also not restricted to homeowners. All business owners who want to install one can make use of our one-stop solution at no cost!

Partner with us

We are always looking to develop meaningful relationships with businesses and individuals, if you are interested in working with us we want to hear from you! Please send us an email at info@voltshare.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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VoltShare are an EV charging technology provider for the hospitality industry that simplifies management, payments collection, and technology integration. We empower small to large-sized venues to futureproof themselves, while ensuring they remain resource-efficient and profitable.

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