Car Charging,
Built for Pubs & Inns,
Used by Everyone.

Attract Patrons & Guests

Boost your patronage rates by 10-20%. With electric car charging as a necessity for all EV drivers, staying guests are more likely to choose your venue over others!

Increased Trade Sales

Refuelling electric cars now take much longer than before. Providing a much needed amenity increases your dwell time and spending by 20-30%.

Improved Return Rates

Being a local hotspot and champion of electric mobility, your venue will be put on the map. Your patrons and guests are three times more likely to return to your venue!

What our clients say

The Woolpack Inn - BII Member
“We are so pleased to have you install EV chargers to our hotel. The sign up process was so simple and professional. They were installed very efficiently with no disruption to our business. They have helped us to gain trade though bookings for our hotel for people that require an overnight charge. We also have general car users on route that need to charge, so they pop in and have something to eat!”
Chart Hills Golf Club
"We were offered a rental offer by other suppliers but we have come to realise that owning EV chargers is infinitely more beneficial with significant revenue gains. We are pleased to work with VoltShare to explore EV charging for our sister club Prince's Golf Club in Sandwich Bay. Their user experience and support are top-notch."
The Hare and Hounds
"Within hours of installation, the charging points were used. We received countless compliments from guests who drive to us from all over the country."

Built for Flexible Ownership

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Tenanted &
Free Houses

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£500/unit or £450/unit for 2 or more
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Purchase 4 or more to get 1 free
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Complimentary custom-designed signs
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Free site-surveys
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Personalised advertorials on blogs/marketing
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Breweries &
Pub Groups

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Pilot Programme - select a site as a test bed
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Everything a Tenanted or Free House has
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Advertising-enabled chargepoints
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Detailed roll-out plan
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Operation & Service agreements available
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Why do I need a site-survey?

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As each venue is different, a survey of your electrical infrastructure is needed to determine exact installation costs. Our certified installers will advise you on the exact location for installing chargepoints and how many you can install based on your supply. We will then provide you with a detailed survey report and a proposal.

Should I install 7kW or 22kW?

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For most pubs and inns, we recommend 7kW for two reasons. (1) A single-phase 7kW 32A chargepoint can be retrofitted into most existing supplies without any upgrades or danger of reaching the capacity. (2) Most cars do not accept 22kW charging. We do however, offer 22kW AC chargepoints for venues who have capacity and who may benefit from it.

How will my guests charge their cars?

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All they will have to do is follow the simple instructions on the complimentary signs we provide: 1. Install the VoltShare mobile app, 2. Scan the QR code on the chargepoint, 3. Add a valid payment card, 4. Start charging!

How long does it take to charge a car?

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While it depends on the battery size of the car, most drivers charge between 2-4 hours per visit. This gives them a range of about 50-100 miles. For guests staying overnight, they are likely to charge through the night for a full charge.

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