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Anglesey on Electric: A Day Trip Itinerary with EV Charging Stops

Explore the beauty of Anglesey on a day trip powered by clean energy! This blog post provides a day itinerary with recommendations for stunning locations, delicious eats, and convenient EV charging stops.
Updated on
May 31, 2024

Thinking of a fantastic day trip packed with stunning scenery, historical intrigue, and charming towns? Anglesey, also known as Ynys Môn, is calling! This beautiful island off the coast of North Wales offers a wealth of experiences, all perfectly accessible with your electric vehicle.

Fuel Up for Fun: Top Up Your Charge

Anglesey boasts a well-distributed network of public EV charging points, making it easy to explore the island guilt-free. We recommend starting your day with a quick top-up at Wood Street Car Park conveniently located just past Menai Bridge.

Beaumaris Castle

Morning Marvels: Beaumaris and Plas Newydd

Your first stop is the delightful town of Beaumaris. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this medieval gem, boasting a magnificent castle and a charming harbour. Explore the narrow streets lined with independent shops and grab a coffee at a cosy cafe – don't forget to check out the local produce!

While you wander the historical streets, head to Canolfan Biwmares for another quick charge to keep you going.

Lunchtime: Refuel Your Body and Battery

After enjoying the natural beauty, head towards Victoria Road for a top-up charge while you indulge in a delicious lunch. Try The Harbourfront Bistro for seafood dishes with a view or Wavecrest Cafe for a taste of classic family recipes.

South Stack Cliffs

Nature's Playground: South Stack Cliffs and RSPB South Stack

Refreshed and recharged, brace yourself for breathtaking coastal scenery! Take a scenic drive towards South Stack Cliffs, a haven for wildlife and birdwatchers. Spot puffins, razorbills, and majestic peregrine falcons soaring along the dramatic cliffs. The RSPB South Stack lighthouse offers stunning panoramic views – a true Instagrammable moment!

Afternoon Adventure: Traeth Llanddwyn Beach

Next, head west to explore the vast expanse of Traeth Llanddwyn Beach, a haven for beachcombers and nature enthusiasts. Take a stroll along the golden sands, paddle in the shallow waters, or climb the sand dunes for panoramic views across the bay.

Traeth Llanddwyn Beach

A Final Charge Up for the Journey Home

Before heading back, top up your battery one last time at Bangor Retail Park conveniently located near the A55. This ensures a smooth and stress-free journey back to the mainland.

Extend Your Adventure: EV-Friendly Stays in North Wales

Anglesey offers so much to see and do, and a day trip might just leave you wanting more! If you're looking to extend your electric adventure, we've compiled 5 gorgeous EV-friendly stays in North Wales.

Anglesey awaits! Pack your sense of adventure, your swimsuit (optional!), and your electric vehicle, and get ready for a fantastic day trip powered by clean energy.

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