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VoltShare Launches EV Charging Pilot with Brakspear at Egypt Mill

VoltShare are excited to announce the launch of a pilot EV charging program in partnership with Brakspear at their Egypt Mill venue.
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May 28, 2024

Press Release

First VoltShare charger installed and available for use just 18 days after contract signed.

VoltShare Ltd, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions tailored for the hospitality industry, is excited to announce the launch of a pilot EV charging program in partnership with Brakspear at their Egypt Mill venue in Nailsworth, near Stroud. This pilot marks the beginning of a potential wider rollout across Brakspear’s extensive portfolio of pubs and hospitality venues, contingent on the pilot's success.

The initiative reflects VoltShare’s commitment to advancing accessible destination charging solutions, especially in the pub sector. By equipping Egypt Mill with VoltShare’s innovative and user-friendly charging stations, the pilot program aims to enhance the visitor experience by offering convenient destination EV charging as part of their stay.

VoltShare’s unique approach means chargers are commissioned and available for guests to use within minutes, as unlike competitors, VoltShare chargers do not need months to register and set up on a back-office portal.

Sheng Liu, VoltShare’s CEO remarked, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Brakspear on this project, aligning our mission in empowering destination businesses with their renowned brand in the hospitality industry. We put our venues at the forefront, and this pilot at Egypt Mill exemplifies our mutual focus on sustainability and improving EV accessibility at pubs. We anticipate that the successful implementation here will lead to further adoption across the Brakspear estate."

The collaboration comes at a time when EV adoption is rapidly increasing in the UK, making access to convenient charging options a significant attraction for eco-conscious travellers. By integrating these facilities, Brakspear pubs can better cater to the needs of modern guests, while promoting low-emission travel as part of their wider commitment to environmental sustainability.

Meanwhile, VoltShare’s unique operating model reduces the complexity of rolling out EV chargers across multiple sites and allows property owners like Brakspear to earn the lion’s share of revenues from every customer charge.

Tony Lewis, Property Director at Brakspear, expressed support for the project, stating, "Partnering with VoltShare allows us to offer cutting-edge technology to our guests, enhancing their experience while underscoring our commitment to environmental stewardship. We are pleased to pilot this at Egypt Mill, a site that beautifully combines tradition with modern amenities."

The pilot program will be evaluated after three months to assess its impact on performance and revenue generation. A positive outcome will support plans to extend the installation of VoltShare’s charging stations across additional Brakspear locations.

About VoltShare

VoltShare is an integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solution designed to meet the needs of sustainability-minded pubs, hospitality venues and holiday rentals. It offers a high-quality charger, mobile app, and unique pay-as-you-go business model that generates revenue for venue owners from every charge. It firmly establishes each venue's green credentials, whilst attracting like-minded guests who are increasingly searching for EV charging facilities when selecting locations to visit and stay in.

VoltShare works with regional pub chains such as Youngs and Brakspear, as well as smaller pub groups and independent free houses. It is the British Institute of Innkeeping’s trusted partner for electric vehicle charging.

For further details on VoltShare’s EV charging solutions and their benefits for the pub sector, please visit VoltShare’s website.

More information about Brakspear and their venues is available at Brakspear’s website.

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VoltShare are an EV charging technology provider for the hospitality industry that simplifies management, payments collection, and technology integration. We empower small to large-sized venues to futureproof themselves, while ensuring they remain resource-efficient and profitable.

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