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Why choosing a simple PAYG EV charging solution saves you money

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August 13, 2023

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, the demand for EV charging infrastructure also increases. EV charging stations are becoming a common sight in parking lots and roadways. Many businesses are considering adding electric vehicle charging stations as a service to their customers or employees; also what we call destination charging. However, selecting the right EV charging solution is critical - especially when it comes to the pricing model. Here's why choosing a pay-as-you go (PAYG) EV charging solution can save your destination business money in the long run.

No Ongoing fees

With a subscription-based EV charging solution, monthly fees are often non-negotiable and you're locked into a contract that often runs for multiple years. From industry norms, this is usually between £500 to £700 for 2 years for every one to two EV charging stations. This is still on top of the transaction fees (8-10%) that platform providers charge you on a per transaction basis.

This means that even if you don't need the charging station for several months, you are still paying a sizeable amount of money.

However, with a subscription-less EV charging solution, there are no ongoing fees, and you don't have to sign a complicated contract. This gives you the flexibility to only pay for what you use and scale the infrastructure as needed.

Simple payment structure

Another advantage of a subscription-less EV charging solution is that the payment structure is much simpler.

You don't have to worry about complicated pricing tiers, or calculating cost per kilowatt-hour. Instead, you pay a flat fee for the equipment and installation, and then you charge your customers whatever you want per kilowatt-hour. This simple pricing structure can save you time and money, making the charging stations an immensely resource-efficient add-on to your business.

Simplified charging rates

With a subscription-based EV charging solution, you're often at the mercy of the prohibitive subscription fees that come with the units.

Businesses must make the money back somehow and with rising electricity bills, greater pressure on hoteliers and self-catering providers to be cost-efficient means that the charging rates guests pay will have to take that into account.

This can result in uncertainty in pricing structure, potentially high prices for your customers or employees that you can't control. Ultimately, this becomes a resource burden on you as the owner. Time spent managing these aspects is better used to cultivate better guest experience, managing your daily tasks, and taking a break!

By using a PAYG EV charging solution, you have complete control over the cost per charging session, which can make the charging experience much more affordable and attractive.

Suitable for Scale

Opting for a subscription-less EV charging solution can offer many benefits for businesses of all sizes.

By avoiding ongoing fees and contracts and keeping the payment process simple, it's possible to save money over the long term, remain fully profitable for each charging session, while still providing a reliable EV charging service to an ever-expanding clientele.

VoltShare's solution saves up to £350 for a single charger for 2 years purely on platform subscription fees. Our industry-leading, feature-rich and cost-effective charging stations ensure you can install tens of EV charging stations without breaking the bank. Suitable for both independent holiday cottages to hotel groups, provide EV charging as a service that complements your venue(s), and not let it be a distraction from your main business.

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VoltShare are an EV charging technology provider for the hospitality industry that simplifies management, payments collection, and technology integration. We empower small to large-sized venues to futureproof themselves, while ensuring they remain resource-efficient and profitable.

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