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Electrifying the Isle of Skye: A Case Study

Nestled atop a scenic hill on the Isle of Skye, a picturesque holiday let now boasts a new addition to its modern amenities—a Voltshare EV charger.
Updated on
April 10, 2024

Nestled atop a scenic hill on the Isle of Skye, a picturesque holiday let now boasts a new addition to its modern amenities—a Voltshare EV charger.

The Challenge

Steph and Jordan, the proactive owners of a picturesque holiday let in the Isle of Skye, were on a tight schedule. They were about to embark on a trip to Tenerife, where Jordan was participating in the grueling Atlantic R2R rowing race. Despite the time constraints, they were determined to go ahead with the installation of an EV charger at their property.

The Solution

While the couple were away, one of our trusted installers Alan, conducted a site survey and prepared for the installation. The charger was promptly sent to Alan, who transported it to Skye. With remarkable efficiency, Alan fitted the charger on the same day as the survey, and the owners returned to a fully functional and elegantly installed EV charging point.

The Outcome

The installation has been met with overwhelming approval from both the owners and their guests. “We are so pleased with the recent installation of our Voltshare EV charger,” the owners shared. “The process was seamless and efficient, and the benefits have been beyond our expectations.”

Guests now enjoy the convenience and safety of charging their electric vehicles against the backdrop of Skye’s stunning seascapes. The charger’s ease of use and the correct charging amount have been particularly appreciated, enhancing the overall guest experience.

The Follow-Up

Impressed by the service and the quality of the installation, Steph and Jordan have entrusted us with three additional sites. This expansion speaks volumes about their satisfaction and the trust they place in Voltshare’s commitment to customer service and excellence.

The Race

Away from the serenity of the Isle of Skye, Jordan’s participation in the World's Toughest Row Challenge stands as a testament to resilience. With his father, Richard, and teammates Tom and Paul, Jordan rowed over 3000 miles across the Atlantic, from La Gomera to Antigua. Their 40-day journey was a feat of endurance, and raised an amazing £12k for mental health charities.


The successful installation at Skye is a testament to Voltshare’s dedication to providing top-notch EV charging solutions. For property owners looking to upgrade their amenities and cater to eco-conscious guests, partnering with Voltshare isn’t just a choice—it’s a “no-brainer.”

For more information on how we can electrify your property, contact us.

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