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SCALE Green: Key Takeaways for Navigating the Green Future

The SCALE Green event in London was a pioneering sustainability conference for the short-term rental market, featuring industry leaders’ insights, innovative green solution pitches, and a collective commitment to eco-friendly business practices.
Updated on
April 24, 2024

Yesterday's SCALE Green event in London marked a significant milestone for the short-term rental market, as it hosted its first sustainability conference dedicated to fostering eco-friendly practices within the industry. The conference was a resounding success, living up to its promise of being a #worldfirst event, and VoltShare had the privilege of attending and pitching alongside various industry leaders.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Graham Donoghue of Sykes Holiday Cottages emphasised the importance of aligning business purpose with sustainability goals. He shared insights on making tough decisions easier by hiring people who embody the company's values and exploring ways to promote greener properties, such as considering lower commission rates or tweaking algorithms.

Dale Smith from Host & Stay discussed their journey towards B Corp and ISO certifications to drive operational efficiencies. He highlighted their tiered managed services, which now include green options to help property owners embrace sustainability without the hassle.

Ufi Ibrahim of the Energy & Environment Alliance covered the impending regulations from financial markets aimed at mitigating the economic risks posed by the climate crisis. These regulations are set to phase in annually until 2028, influencing transition policies and investment decisions. Ufi stressed the importance of understanding ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors, as they will play a crucial role in a business's future.

Innovative Pitches and Networking Opportunities

The event showcased a series of pitches from green companies, each offering distinctive solutions to enhance sustainability in the short-term rental market:

  • Composty: A family-run business that provides eco-friendly, fully compostable cleaning products, aiming to reduce plastic waste and offer affordable green alternatives.
  • Minut: A Swedish tech company offering products and services for the short-term rental market that promote good neighborliness and privacy-safe home monitoring.
  • Krystal: Krystal is a technology company providing web hosting that's planet-conscious powered entirely by renewable energy.
  • PriceLabs: A revenue management platform for vacation and short-term rental industries, utilising predictive analytics and machine learning to optimise pricing and stay restrictions.
  • Canopey: An e-commerce platform offering a range of eco-friendly products and an innovative impact calculator to help customers reduce their environmental impact.
  • Treepoint: Treepoint helps businesses understand their carbon footprint, reduce it and take action by planting trees, offseting carbon and recycling plastic.
  • Compare Your Footprint: A software platform developed by Green Element that simplifies the carbon footprinting process for organisations, enabling them to embark on their environmental journey.  

A Collective Push for Sustainable Action

It was great to see so many colleagues from the sector come together to prioritise environmental and social responsibilities. The collective effort towards sustainable business practices was palpable, with discussions ranging from the triple bottom line—People, Planet, Profit—to cost-effective and sustainable property management.

SCALE Green has set a new standard for industry conferences by not only providing a platform for sharing insights but also by being an exemplary model of a sustainable event. The knowledge shared by speakers, coupled with the innovative solutions presented by various exhibitors, has equipped attendees with the tools and inspiration needed to drive positive change in the short-term rental market.

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