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Guide: Increase your business' visibility with EV Charging

Get your business listed on these online platforms to boost customer attraction, guest occupancy rates, and business visibility.
Updated on
April 13, 2023

You have recently installed a VoltShare chargepoint and you may be looking to boost your venue's visibility. We've done all the hard work for you and have compiled a list of sites and a how-to-guide on adding EV charging facilities or being listed on EV charging specific websites.

EV Charging Sites

Once you have installed your VoltShare chargepoint, remember to tell your VoltShare contact whether you would like it to be listed on these websites.

These websites are specific to EV chargers. Most of them combine EV chargers that can be accessed by the public. You will receive a lot more traffic and visibility by listing your EV chargers here.

Once you have installed a VoltShare chargepoint, a member of the team will add your charging point(s) to these sites.


PlugShare is a database of EV chargers where users can search for nearby charging points to help plan their route(s). This is what it will look like to be listd hered.


VoltShare Charging Station on PlugShare

Zap Map

Zap Map is the de facto charging network aggregator in the U.K. We are working with Zap Map to show our commissioned and live chargepoints.


VoltShare Charging Station on Zap Map

Google Maps

Google needs no introduction. Being listed on Google Maps will ensure you reach their unrivalled user base. See example:

VoltShare Charging Station on Google Map

Hospitality Sites

It's important to start advertising your EV charger so that you won't lose out on potential guests driving an electric car. Almost all electric car drivers have to plan their routes or destinations. By making it easier for them to spot you, you will be a hotspot in the community in no time!

Most hospitality sites now have an option to show that you have an EV charger installed. Here are a few of the more popular sites that we have picked out for you.


You can add EV Charger as a facility offering for your accommodation venue. Potential guests can now filter places according to availability of EV Chargers.

Airbnb EV Charger Facility Offering

You can add Electric vehicle charging station as a facility offering for your accommodation venue. Potential guests can now filter places according to availability of EV Chargers. EV Charging Offering

As the number of such sites grow, VoltShare will constantly communicate with them to ensure your current and future EV charging sites are adequately advertised. If you have any questions, please contact your VoltShare representative or email us at

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