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Should my hotel install an EV Charger?

What are the disadvantages and advantages of installing an EV charger for your hotel? Should you even install one? We have distilled all the information you need.
Updated on
April 8, 2024

Have you seen more and more of your guests driving electric vehicles? They may even have asked about whether you have a charger. With all the information out there, we have distilled them for you.

Do I need an EV Charger?

Simple answer is: not necessarily. Electric cars can be charged with a three-pin wall socket. But it would take tens of hours to charge the car fully; not a great experience for your guests.

Guest Experience is Key

With a dedicated EV charger, your guests will have peace of mind knowing that they can charge their car fast enough to get them to wherever they want to go. That means they would be more inclined to visit you.

Free advertisement for your hotel

Did you know that almost all electric car drivers filter locations by whether they have charging facilities available? Not only that, they are also increasingly expecting hotels to have a dedicated EV charger. It is soon becoming as necessary as Wifi.

As we said, you can technically charge cars with a three-pin wall socket but you will not be able to list your business on the various website that hundreds and thousands (soon millions) of EV drivers frequent.

What's more, these websites do not charge you anything to have your business listed. This business advertisement is completely free-of-charge.

Grabbing New Guests

Picture this: an EV driver is running out of battery and searches for a nearby EV charger. Because you have listed your hotel on the various sites, that driver decides to visit you. They spend a few hours and decide to book a weekend getaway with you. You have now captured a new guest simply by installing an EV charger.

One of the many questions we get is: won't my electricity cost go up? Under normal circumstances, yes. But with our EV chargers, you can monetise them easily.

Earn money with it

Installing a smart EV charger also means that you can monetise it. VoltShare has developed an innovative and simple solution for business owners to generate income from their EV chargers.

How? We have integrated our mobile app with the EV charger. You can charge guests for electricity (£ per kWh) and/or parking (£ per h), helping you recoup your electricity costs and even earn a profit!

Only benefits

From being able to monetise the charger to having free advertisement for your hotel, there is practically zero downside and plenty of benefits to installing an EV charger. It is one of the simpler steps towards a more sustainable-friendly business. Get in touch with us to start the process today!

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